Professional Development

A school principal working with her teachers

School Leaders: Setting Realistic Goals with Your Teachers

By The SHARE Team November 13, 2018

Goal setting is a powerful practice to help build self-confidence, motivation, and success. When school leaders work with their teachers to build schoolwide, classroom-level, and personal goals, they become guides in a powerful process of transformation, allowing teachers to elevate their practice, encourage the advancement of their work, and better manage their professional lives. Improvement… Read More

Professional Development vs. Piloting New Initiatives

By Nicole Mace, MEd August 17, 2018

Professional development (PD) is usually welcomed by educators who are looking to hone their craft, but the implementation of professional development trainings can get a bad reputation in education. After hours of learning about a new strategy or teaching method, educators are expected to return to their classrooms and implement their new knowledge. But many… Read More

We encourage teachers to get hands-on in their classrooms, but often professional development isn’t so interactive. We’ve all sat through Powerpoint presentations and article readings. Let’s shake up professional development and make it truly reflective of what’s happening in classrooms. Get busy tinkering, designing, and modeling the practices of makerspace learning in professional development! Read… Read More

There’s never enough time to get everything done during PD, but team-building and supporting your staff’s social-emotional needs builds a strong school culture and increases teacher efficacy. Here are some quick, fun professional development activities for teachers that will break the ice! Step to the line Have your staff stand in two lines facing each… Read More

7 Innovations That Are Changing the Classroom

By Alisa Bates, PhD June 15, 2018

Excited to try creative new teaching strategies? We’ve got you covered! Read up on the latest education innovations from experts and teachers on the front lines. Project-based learning Have you ever had a student ask, “Why do we need to know this?” Then you might want to add more project-based learning to your teaching tool… Read More

How To Innovate Against the Tide

By The SHARE Team March 27, 2018

As teachers, we often have amazing ideas for the classroom, but often lack the freedom to truly pursue innovative projects in their school. Frequently, it comes down to the old refrains: “My principal won’t let me” or “People don’t want to change.” But creativity and experimentation are still possible, even against the tide. Here are… Read More

Efficacy—or a teacher’s level of confidence about their ability—can greatly depend on past experiences or on their current school culture. A bad classroom experience or negative work environment, for example, can quickly sour a teacher’s confidence. Conversely, witnessing student growth and working in a collaborative environment can boost a teacher’s belief in their ability and… Read More

A few months ago, my daughter and her friends came home on a Friday afternoon furious about a recent lecture on dress code. While I’m certain her teaching team had the students’ best interests at heart, the girls heard a different message: Their bodies are distractions that must be managed. Her school is not alone…. Read More

A think tank called Evolution Institute is developing a tuition-free school for 3- to 8-year-olds in Florida to save them from academic failure and help them overcome poverty. True to its name, the institute believes principles of evolution offer a blueprint for educating young people. Its new early learning center in East Tampa starts from… Read More

Give the Kids a Break: Why Reducing Recess Time Doesn't Work

By Monica Fuglei December 19, 2016

A fidgety classroom makes for tough teaching. Historically, students ran off their excess energy during recess, but over the past 20 years, increasing academic demands have squeezed schools’ ability to provide significant recess time. It’s tempting to think we have to either cut recess to increase academic time or keep recess and risk students not… Read More

As a teacher, you’ll have a new set of young brains and hearts to work with every year. Eventually they will move on to other grades and teachers, but their memories of you will stay with them. Those memories are your legacy — the day-to-day interactions, the big and small moments wrapped up in lessons,… Read More

Admittedly, competition in principle is a good thing. Going head-to-head with someone else helps to spur action, foster more creativity and ultimately create the best final product. Just look at the quality of the things we use every day. All of them were created in a competitive atmosphere where a company tried to put the… Read More

We need to keep a close, caring eye on our students. Teaching is more than just the subject matter and the classroom environment: It’s about connecting with young people. Helping them through the somewhat rocky waters of growing up is a large part of our teaching responsibilities. While most students pass through our classrooms with… Read More

You are going to make mistakes. Once you realize that, you’re bound to make fewer mistakes and to recover from them faster. Most of your teaching mistakes will be innocuous and easy to recover from: poorly considered lessons that aren’t engaging, grammatical or spelling errors on a test, and even mixed-up communications with students, parents… Read More

Sometimes we need to think and talk about the grand ideas and attitudes that drive our work as teachers, and then there are those other times when we need to think about things in a much smaller scale. Recognizing that seemingly little, subtle actions can ripple through our classrooms is essential as we work to… Read More