A curriculum specialist assisting teachers with developing an effective curriculum for the school year
Leadership Skills and Implementation

Five School Leadership Positions for Teachers

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The job description for a teacher not only encompasses enriching the lives and minds of students, but school leadership teachers must also work as advocates for their school community. When teachers are working in the classroom each day, they must serve as mentors for the students and their fellow employees. There are various leadership roles within a school building that a teacher can take on throughout the school year. Teachers should work toward being a leader in several different areas, allowing them to get the most out of their job and have the most impact on their school.

Teachers have many options for leadership positions within their school and district. Choosing one of the following specialties can utilize their strengths and help to deepen their experience as an educator.

Instructional specialist

This is a great opportunity for teachers who want to help other instructors be more effective in the classrooms. Instructional specialists often work in collaboration with other teachers to discuss which strategies work best in their classrooms. Strategies discussed may deal with a particular subject or focus on different types of students and their learning abilities.

Curriculum specialist

Curriculum specialists help teachers come up with a curriculum plan that works for that particular school. School districts are putting an increasing emphasis on collaborative curriculum plans so that students who have different teachers will still be receiving consistent instruction and the same type of material. A curriculum specialist can assist all teachers in the school with the process of developing an effective curriculum for the school year.


Teachers who have worked in the district or in a particular school for several years often find that becoming a mentor is a fulfilling leadership role. A mentor works with teachers who have recently entered the classroom. Teacher mentors develop relationships with new teachers and help them work through those first difficult years of teaching. Mentors advise new teachers on challenges they may face in their classroom, provide tips and teaching strategies, and inform them about the politics involved in a particular school district. This is a rewarding role, but it requires a significant commitment on the part of the mentor.

Data coach

Teachers in the 21st century spend a considerable amount of their time outside the classroom, collecting and recording data about their students’ learning success. However, not every teacher knows how to effectively use this data to implement the necessary changes. Teachers with strong analytical skills who want to be leaders within their schools can become data coaches to other teachers who are not as savvy. A data coach can help a teacher understand the data from their classroom and make recommendations for steps to take once they have analyzed their statistics.

School program leader

A school program leader works with extracurricular student organizations within a school to help build programs for the students. Examples of school leadership positions include a coach, play director, student council adviser or club monitor. These leadership positions allow teachers to work with students outside the classroom and get to know them on a personal level. It is perfect for the teacher who is truly passionate about working with young children.

Some school leadership teachers prefer to work hands-on with students, providing them more time to work with students on an individual basis. Other school leadership teachers prefer to work on the opposite end of the spectrum, behind the scenes at the school. This gives them an opportunity to do something a little bit different than basic classroom instruction while still making an impact on the educational process and system in their particular building. Each year, more teachers are being encouraged to take on leadership roles within the building. It helps them become devoted to their school and their cause while allowing them to find more fulfillment in their job.

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