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5 Ways to Help Students Stay College Bound

By The SHARE Team

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”–Anthony J. D’Angelo

Here are five simple tips to help students stay college bound.

Make a college plan

Everyone  needs a map to show them the route they need to take  to college. Creating this unique document will help the college bound student stay on course. Developing a college plan is a fantastic tool to help a student plan ahead and think about the future.  This will  help make today’s decisions much easier and more focused.

Attending high school without a goal or purpose is disheartening for many students. Those students who have both large and small goals in place while in school are the ones who will succeed. Teachers can help students with the goal setting process.

A professional school counselor who works with students is also an excellent resource for students, teachers and parents. Teachers can direct their students to the counselor. Together they can work as a team to help each student reach the goal of attending college.

It is vital that all students have a plan of action. When students feel their teachers and leaders believe in them, and are there to help, they are more likely to reach their dreams and college aspirations.

Get the student involved

When students take ownership of their learning, doors open to opportunities that may not have otherwise presented themselves. Teachers and counselors can assist a student and give them direction but teaching that student how to take hold of their education will be a lifetime gift. Teachers can help open the eyes of students by helping them get involved in the college preparation process.

Students need to have a safe place to share their questions, trials and obstacles when pursuing the college path. Teachers can expose them to the many wonderful benefits of college and seek to have the student do much of the research. Students who grab hold of the college goal and dream will be intrinsically rewarded.

Investigate money

College costs money. For many students, this factor alone is a deterrent to seeking a higher education. But it doesn’t have to be. Almost everyone can save a little something. Students need to be encouraged to save “just a little bit” from the time this discussion takes place and they also need to know there is help available and financial aid for college.

Fortunately, there are many scholarships and loans available to potential college students. But it does take work to access these resources. Navigating this road can be overwhelming. Teachers can help students research programs that provide information about these resources. Teachers can also advocate for their college bound student and continue to direct them towards a higher education despite financial issues.

Find the good

Each and every student is gifted. An educator who points out the good in their students can literally change their lives. There are so many ways a teacher can help a student believe they can attend college and that should continue pursuing their education.

Every student needs a person in their life cheering them on towards college. Teachers who encourage, help students dream, and challenge them to move forward can be an incredible asset to a student both now and in the future.

Positive words have changed lives and they continue to do so. When you see positive character traits or skills in your student point them to a higher education. Show them how they can make a difference in the world using their own unique skill set and personal values.

Give Em’ the facts

Student’s who attend college will fare better in life. Students need to know how a higher education can provide freedom to achieve personal dreams and can open up new doors to a student’s future.

Teachers can help students see how high grades and good SAT scores will better their chances to attend the college of their choice as well as qualify for scholarships.

In 2012, over 21 million students enrolled in a university or college in the United States. The job market is tough and a college degree will only better a student’s future. Teachers can be role models to help students stay college bound and reach their destination with ease!

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